2014 New York to Niagara Falls – A mission of hope and love of life

I knew today was going to be an emotional day for me, but I expected it to be emotional at the beginning of the day and not the end of the day.  This morning at Battery Park with the Statue of Liberty in the background was very special. Being there to start the journey with my sister and mother made it extra special. 

I am so thankful for those that have donated to my Ride for Roswell. Every donation (and story that comes with it) is fuel in my tank to keep going regardless of the challenges and obstacles I will face.  The challenges I am facing pale in comparison to what people who are currently going through treatment are dealing with.  I was so reminded of cancer experience for both patients and their loved ones as I spent some time tonight with three sisters who are camped next to us at this campground.

Each of the three sisters that I spent some time with tonight have been diagnosed with cancer and one of them (Susan) is currently going thru treatment, which is why they are staying at this campground.  They were all curious why I was dressed up in ride gear, with a big sign on my back saying that I was riding to cure cancer.  I was so proud to tell them of the research that was going on at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and share with them the true hope that I have about the future of cancer as we know it.  We made a lasting impression on each other tonight and I have added three more honor cards to my backpack.

Cancer will not win!

Tomorrow I celebrate life with another 70 miles or so.  Can’t wait to meet more great people and beautiful scenery in the great State of New York.


God Speed!

5 thoughts on “2014 New York to Niagara Falls – A mission of hope and love of life

  1. You GO, Terry! Being a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, I very much appreciate the opportunities this country has given me and continue to do so to everyone in my family. And it all started in NYC in 1984, Flushing, Queens. Be careful and HAVE FUN!!

  2. Michelle Braun says:

    Go Terry! You are an awesome leader and an amazing person! and your blog says it all:) One mile at a time:) Michelle B.

  3. Paul Jacobson says:

    Terry, both Paige and I just had delightful conversations with your mom. She told us all about the exciting adventure in which you all participated! As you know, I am your first cousin once removed and your mom spent a lot of time with our family growing up. She told me about this website and what fun it is to see and read about your trip. Take care. Your mom is so dear to us all. Paul (and Paige, my significant other)

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