2014 Day 2 – Great Ride! Great Scenery

The ride today was pretty non eventful if you don’t count the fact that I rode about an hour past the campsite before I realized it.  Oh well, at least the wind was at my back when I turned around.  So far the trip has been super enjoyable for my pit crew.  They went to Grand Central Station, Ellis Island and other tImageourist type activities in the city yesterday. 

Today they went to the Culinary Institute, Vanderbilt Estate and a few other places after they dropped the camper off.  So far, I’m feeling great!  Ready for what tomorrow may bring in Albany!






2 thoughts on “2014 Day 2 – Great Ride! Great Scenery

  1. Susan Finley Brown says:

    Terry, you touched my soul. Gigi and Donna gave me your riding jersey and it is pinned up next to my “Susan Strong” poster, here in the RV bedroom. Great encouragement and always brings a smile to my face. I see them every day before treatment and I remember your kindness. Thank you and God Bless!

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