2014 Ride – A sweet ending to a beautiful journey – Day 7

ImageThis was an absolutely incredible journey for me.  When I arrived at Niagara Falls today, I certainly felt a great sense of accomplishment. I was also extremely thankful for the team of people that met me along the last 80 miles of my journey and rode with me to the finish line.

While this journey was about our quest to understand and prevent cancers, tonight’s post is a message about never quitting the pursuit of something you know is right.

In the preparation for this trip, I was faced with one obstacle after another. The big one started with the fact that as I was pulling out of my driveway to head to New York City and I still was not sure who was going to drive my support vehicle ahead of me back to Buffalo. I put my trust with God and he answered my prayers with my sister coming through as my final addition to my support crew.

The week before the ride I started to develop a currently unexplained issue with my left foot, it was swelling up and extremely painful, but I did not say anything to anybody, because I was determined that nothing would stand between me and this trip for a cause that I would hands down give my life for.  As we were riding down to Battery Park in the shadows of the Statue of Liberty, my foot was throbbing so bad that I wasn’t sure if I could make it, but I believed that if I just started riding my bike it would get better.  My intuition was correct, my foot was great while I was riding, but was extremely uncomfortable when I stopped.

On my first night at a campsite, I met Susan, who is currently going through treatment for cancer just north of New York City. Somehow during our brief encounter Susan and I had a connection that I believe gave us both the energy to continue in our independent pursuits.  Susan is now one of the reasons why I will never stop in this fight.  I know she will get through her treatments and I am rooting for her.

I will likely continue at least one more post to this blog series because I still need to adjust to everything that has happened in the past week, but in the mean time.   I would just say that whatever challenges we face, we can overcome them with friends, persistence and keeping our eyes on the objective while ignoring the noise that may distract us.

God Speed!

Peace and Grace!




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