2014 The Dawn of day seven – It takes a team

Image  It is the dawn of day seven the final day, tonight we shall rest – for a while.  The connectivity at the camp site was very limited last night, so I could not do a post yesterday.  It was a long day anyway, we didn’t get back to camp until around 9 PM.  I hit some pretty heavy rains for most of the day yesterday.  One significant lesson learned is to invest in some good rain gear.  I ended up with some pretty bad shivers and was extremely thankful for a Dunkin Donuts to warm up in.  The hand dryer in the bathroom was a life saver!

I am super excited and looking forward to getting to Goat Island today to complete this journey from the Statue of Liberty to the Falls.  My honor cards also got a little wet yesterday, we may need to do some repairs, but I can tell you that they truly did fuel me along the way as a continual reminder as to why we must never stop in this fight.

All of the elements that will continue to be critical in the war that we are fighting is completely dependent on great teams working together in unison. Teams that are focused on the bigger picture in our quest to end cancer as we know it.  I am so very thankful for the team that helped me pull this ride off.  My wife Amanda did an amazing job and spent ours of listing, shopping and packing.  We had more than enough food an nourishment for the whole week.   My sister and my mom were the best pit crew!  My sister maneuvered a big truck and camper in places that I never could have.

Onward to the Falls!  Time to go!  I hope you have a great day!  I know I will!

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